What the NFL and its fans really need...

"Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North." And those are the principles I carry with me in the work place."  - Michael Scott

The NFL's ratings are down and when the ratings machine, DJT -- the low-pixel-high-contrast orange Twitter egg who once hosted a show ranked lower than CBS' canceled Battle Creek -- bashes it, you know things are sad!

No, this isn't another opinion post about NFL protests and Donnie Trump's petulant tweets. This post is here to save us. Save us from facing uncomfortable conversations about racism, nuclear war, and health care bills you may or may not like. No one cares about your feelings about those things (unless you agree with that one guy on your Facebook feed who makes some good points). 

This post is about one man who inspires action and instills hope. When you feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, this man helps you see over the cross bar and reach it. In a league when so many sons of bitches need to be fired, this man will FOCUS and knock it through the uprights. 

This post is about Matt Prater, an American football placekicker.

The NFL -- no, the WORLD -- needs more Prater. Get down on one knee and hold a football for this kicking hero who never misses a 50-plus-yard anthem or chance to shoot finger guns while some disrespectful guy named Bethel lies on the ground. 

"Listening is the beginning of Prater." - Mother Theresa