Jim Bob Cooter does not have a problem with Matthew Stafford's co---

CONTRACT. Matthew Stafford's CONTRACT.  But what a lede, yeah?!? 

That's an excerpt from the first paragraph of a story by Carlos Monarrez at the Detroit Free Press. The way it showed up on my phone had "Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob" cut off, which I'm sure was Freep's intention so people could giggle like I admittedly did at the thought of Cooter having a big problem that will grow...  But otherwise, what a dumb article.

Look, something's not right with the Lions offense (cougholinecough). There have been times in the heat of the moment after a few failed third downs or questionably short routes on third and long when I have questioned Cooter's complacency, but let's be real: This team should be 4-2 if not for a close call being overturned and a bad rule ending the game before getting another chance to score.

Even without that touchdown against the Falcons, the Lions are 6th in the NFL in converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns (ignoring they're 25th in total red zone opportunities). They're 2nd in the NFL in 2nd half points. They're 1st in the NFL in yards per point, whatever the fuck that means. They're top 10 in many offensive categories and top half in most others -- except rushing; ohmygod the run game is still so bad. 

Seriously, Cooter's fine. And if he's not, it won't have anything to do with Matthew Stafford's contract.