Ron Gardenhire's first hire a pretty good one

A little over a month ago we BROKE the news that the Tigers dugout was going to get a lot uglier. It did with the hiring of old-timer Ron Gardenhire. Not only is Gardenhire old, but he was a controversial hire for a team in rebuild mode and supposedly embracing analytics moving forward -- Gardenhire, old, just started texting two years ago.

After kissing babies with the analytics department at Tigers HQ in an obvious PR move to show Gardenhire's hip enough to manage this squad, Gardenhire got busy filling his staff by picking up the scraps of the 2016 World Series champs.

Gardenhire hired former Chicago Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio.

I probably have 17 of these cards in the bottom drawer in my bedroom at my parents' house. 

I probably have 17 of these cards in the bottom drawer in my bedroom at my parents' house. 

Bosio, not quite as old as Gardenhire, was fired by the Chicago Cubs after six successful seasons. Though the Cubs' staff struggled this past season with walks, it's said that Bosio was fired so Joe Maddon could hire his old pitching coach from Tampa Bay, Jim Hickey.  Good job by the Tigers and Gardenhire to hop on Bosio as soon as he became available. 

Bosio has a successful track record as a pitching coach, pitched 11 seasons in the majors, including a no-hitter with the Mariners in the early 90s with Omar Vizquel as his shortstop (Vizquel will not be back with Tigers, though), and he packs a mean chaw. With the Tigers, Bosio takes over a similarly sad staff as the one he took over for the Cubs -- whip in the 1.4s and high walk to strikeout rates.

Bosio certainly has his work cut out for him and perhaps the best opportunity for him to prove just how good he is as a pitching coach. The Tigers had an MLB worst dumpster fire ERA and not much talent to get too excited about, at least next season. 

Either way, no matter how it plays out in hindsight, Bosio was most likely the best option out there and Gardenhire, the manager taking over MLB's worst and least-promising team, got him. Pretty good start to the Gardenhire era. (Man, feels like I'm blogging in 2003 again...)