brothers mccarthy

Brothers McCarthy - Episode 12 - Arrested Development

The Brothers McCarthy get together to discuss their love of the cult classic series Arrested Development.  They hit on the major callbacks throughout the show, discuss their favorite characters and episodes, and draw parallels between Arrested Development and other shows and movies.

Brothers McCarthy - Episode 9 - Cousin Time

The Brothers McCarthy welcome their cousin Jake and guide him through his virgin podcast experience.  They talk about past injuries (2:45), Brendan's visit to Little Caesars Arena (13:35), UFC (14:45), Michigan State vs. Notre Dame this weekend (17:59), Lansing bar experiences (31:30), growing up in a big family (38:30), and favorite board games (45:40).

Brothers McCarthy - Episode 8 - College Life: Then and Now

The Brothers McCarthy join the Y'all Don't Say That! network as brothers Joe and Brendan (!) reintroduce the podcast after a one year hiatus.  They talk about differences in their college experience including living spaces (2:32), majors (5:55), music (9:25), communication and social media (13:15), video games (17:49), visiting big cities (22:47), library and computer lab usage (25:43), college sports (26:31), class schedules (33:15), and Northwood Hockey 2017! (34:28).